In A Should See Second, Rachel Maddow says the subsequent six weeks will decide the path of US democracy

Rachel Maddow said the efforts of the American people will determine the direction of our democracy over the next six weeks.


Maddo says:

We can be sure that we are playing with the basics in many ways. We push ourselves to the edge and occasionally beyond, and we all know enough history to know that we have pushed ourselves very far in the past, but these struggles to retain our constitutional republic do not win by themselves, The constitution is not self-healing document. Prosecutions for these kinds of things, even when they happen, are hard to win and they’re not the end of all accountability.

Whether you’re volunteering for a candidate, or perhaps running for office yourself, or volunteering as an election worker, or knocking on the door for the latest pro-democracy good government initiative that’s on the ballot where you live. Whatever you do now, especially over the next six weeks, you are part of what will determine what happens next in our country. The outcome is not at all certain at this point. We’re right in the middle.

The corporate media has a way of trying to box everything into a politics-as-usual box. Remember how they tried to normalize Donald Trump’s presidency?

The 2022 midterm elections are not normal. Anti-democratic forces are on the ballot across the country, and their victory will weaken democratic institutions in the United States.

Maddow was right. The next few weeks will determine the further course of the nation. Getting rid of Donald Trump was a start, but to save democracy, the authoritarians flying the Republican banner must be defeated.

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