Iggy Azalea says Playboi Carti missed his son’s beginning for PlayStation with Uzi

Chile! As we previously reportedChristmas morning wasn’t a particularly happy one for Iggy Azalea as she scolded the father of her child Playboi Carti, accusing him of cheating, missing the birth of her son, and more.

Iggy began by announcing that Carti allegedly wanted to spend Christmas with the woman he allegedly cheated on her with, rather than her and her son Onyx on his first Christmas.

“It’s a shame that you put out an album but can’t even come with Christmas your own son“Iggy tweeted.” Imagine you don’t fly your family out for Christmas, but you have the girl you cheated on [me] my whole pregnancy at your album party and magically me and my son can no longer come for Christmas? RUBBISH.”

Iggy got Carti and the woman he allegedly cheated on, Brandy, into overdrive – airing her and Carti’s dirty laundry at the same time.

During their chatter, Iggy shared with Azalea that she was hiding her pregnancy to aid Playboi Carti’s career.

She also said that Carti hadn’t even given birth to her son, even though it was a planned caesarean section – and he apparently hasn’t signed her son’s birth certificate either.

“While I was pregnant, this man didn’t even come to see his son being born,” she said live on Instagram. “He went to Philly to play PlayStation with Lil Uzi … he thought that was more important than the birth of his son – and I had a planned caesarean section, by the way.”

Iggy asked Carti to sign her child’s birth certificate, saying that he had treated her badly during her pregnancy, while also saying that she still loved him and just wanted to give him one chance for her son.

Iggy seems to be done with Carti and his games, but we’ll keep you updated on how this all goes, roommate!

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