Iggy Azalea clapped again commentators who got here for her son as a result of he was carrying a dinosaur outfit

Iggy Azalea

When it comes to defending your child against negativity, mothers seem to be able to cope with this all week long. First, Meme O. applauded commentators for her daughter delivering hand gestures. Now Iggy Azalea is doing the same with her son. Yesterday, the rapper had to clap to some Twitter users after people made comments about the son she had with Playboi Carti, Onyx, who was wearing a dinosaur outfit.

The user posted the photo of Onyx in a dinosaur outfit on the floor and tweeted, “Where’s Carti? This n ** a has to be in the RAF immediately. ”Iggy had none of it and immediately clapped back. “Imagine if you were so unhappy that you were bullying a year old for choosing his own outfit.” She continued, “You get so cheesy and bored and it’s a fucking shame really.” Iggy continued to respond to Twitter users who tried to downplay the situation by saying it wasn’t that deep, even though Iggy tweeted something else. She opted for violence and told the user to come and say, “You suck in real life and find out it is”.

Iggy let it be known that she wasn’t playing with her child at all. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Safaree joined the conversation by advising Iggy. He suggested that she stop posting her child on social media because he feels like we live in a sick, sad world where innocent children are tainted with evil eyes.

Due to the problems he has with his estranged wife, Erica Mena, and his absence after giving birth to their premature son, some of the roommates felt it was inappropriate for him to provide parenting advice.

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