If Alvin Bragg flips Allen Weisselberg, the lights will likely be off for Trump

Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg has dropped the attorneys paid by the former president. If he made a deal with prosecutors, Trump would have a new big problem.

Video from MSBNC reporting that Weisselberg is changing lawyers:

Fascinating… Weisselberg’s attorneys were Mary Mulligan and Nicholas Gravante and their fees were paid by the Trump Organization.

Recall: During the criminal proceedings against the Trump Org. late last year, the Trump Org. blamed Weisselberg for everything. https://t.co/8qh27aZNPo

— Katie S. Phang (@KatiePhang) March 30, 2023

The nation has been down this path with Trump legal news so many times that it’s wise to exercise a degree of caution, but Weisellberg is the big fish in terms of witnesses who could implicate Trump in some very serious potential crimes.

Bragg had left the door open to filing more charges against the former Trump CFO, and perhaps after months in prison, Weisselberg has had enough. Weisselberg is 75 years old, but also Trump’s primary firewall. As long as Trump’s former right-hand man remains silent, prosecutors will struggle to prove Donald Trump’s potentially more serious financial crimes.

No one knows what that means definitively at this point, but Bragg may have made more headway with Weisselberg than other prosecutors.

Historically, when witnesses drop their Trump-paid attorneys, it usually bodes badly for the failed former president. If Weisselberg cooperates, it means Trump’s legal threat has gone from bad to absolute disaster.

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