Howard Dean Names The Florida Politician Who May Finish Ron DeSantis’ Profession

Ron DeSantis doesn’t seem to care much about what happens in Florida right now. The state is in crisis mode thanks to the Delta variant of COVID-19. But the state’s governor seems more interested in fighting culture wars than combating the virus.

One would think that DeSantis is doing so because he thinks that’s the best way to become the 2024 GOP candidate. But if things continue to get worse in Florida, and they will, DeSantis will have plenty of egg on his face.

During a recent interview with Ari Melber, Howard Dean said it won’t be long before Republicans start coming out against DeSantis. And if Marco Rubio is one of them, the former DNC chairman says, it could end the Florida’s governors chances.

Dean began, “He’s totally unfit to govern in any way, and he’s an embarrassment to every governor, I mean every governor, both Republicans and Democrats. A guy like this should never be in public authority. The good news here for the people of Florida is that people are beginning to stand up to this. In the last 24 hours, there are a number of large school districts that have ignored DeSantis’ crazy order. DeSantis is doing this to position himself to run for president with the MAGA people, but what he doesn’t realize and he’s a smart guy.”

The Democrat continued, “When Rubio starts objecting to DeSantis, you know he and his pollsters will have decided that DeSantis has become a liability. You would never have said that four weeks ago, but it’s really clear from a political point of view this is a disaster. It’s not just bad medically, not just bad ethically, it’s dumb politically.”

Todd Neikirk is a New Jersey based politics and technology writer. His work has been featured in, and He enjoys sports, politics, comic books and spending time at the shore with his family.

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