How To Use A Business Driver’s License To Make Cash

Essential jobs take many forms.

There are around 15.5 million trucks in use in the United States to move goods, transporting essentials across the country.

And every truck needs a driver.

Eight years ago April Coolidge – then in his 40s – decided to stop selling real estate and start driving trucks. As a single mom, she didn’t want to take out loans to go to college and she had to make money without years of education.

Coolidge’s father was a truck driver, so she turned to him for advice. She now works for Walmart Transportation, where drivers are starting to make an average of $ 87,500 a year. Since the coronavirus outbreak, Coolidge has been working overtime keeping warehouse shelves stocked. However, the pandemic has also brought some unique challenges.

In this video, learn more about Coolidge’s history and how the Covid-19 outbreak changed her time on the streets.

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