How the premiere of The Final of Us differed from the online game

The neighbors next door

In the game, Joel and Sarah live next door to the Coopers. Poor, unfortunate Jimmy Cooper is the first infected person Joel and Sarah run into, and Joel shoots him after breaking into their home.

On the show, Joel and Sarah live alongside the Adlers – and boy, are we getting to know them a little better. It is revealed that Sarah often goes next door to spend time with the Adlers, including adult neighbor Connie and her ailing, elderly mother. We see Sarah pay them a visit after school, which is quite harmless until the old woman starts mutating behind Sarah’s back while she’s choosing a movie to bring home.

The next morning, the Adlers’ frightened dog catches Sarah’s attention by jumping against the window of their family room, startling Sarah and forcing her outside. Once there, she hears a cracking noise next door and fearfully enters the eagles’ house. Once inside, she slips on some blood before finding the elderly woman feasting on the neck of Connie, her own daughter, with a mysterious fungus coming out of her mouth.

You warned us about it.

The curious case of Robert

Robert is and is played by a notorious and untrustworthy arms dealer Robin Atkin Downes in the game. He was supposed to sell guns to Joel and Tess – played by Annie Wersching— but it turns out he dumped them elsewhere. Of course, that doesn’t sit well with Joel and Tess – so they confront him at his old warehouse in Area 5.

Once there, Robert tells them that he sold the guns to the Fireflies militia group. Enraged, Tess shoots him in the head, killing him.

While we first meet Tess (Torv) in the series, she’s already dealing with Robert after being beaten up by a couple of his men. However, instead of guns, Tess wants the truck battery that Robert sold them. Instead of telling Joel, Tess says she’ll keep quiet about the whole thing if Robert lets her “go home and drink ’til my face stops hurting.”

At that moment, the room they are in explodes, allowing Tess to escape.

Joel and Tess vow to hunt down Robert, get the battery and find their way to Joel’s brother Tommy (Luna). However, when they find Robert, he is already dead after an apparent attack by a member of the infected. He is also lying next to the battery, which is no longer working.

At least Tess’ hands are clean.

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