How the M: I7 crew strikes ahead after Tom Cruises Rant

People working on Mission: Impossible 7 are taking a break on vacation and taking some time to “regroup” the following Tom Cruise‘s explosive chatter.

Last week, Sun released Audio of the 58-year-old actor who sparked a rant against some crew members on the set of the upcoming sequel for allegedly violating COVID-19 security protocols. Cruise made no comment on the recording, which was confirmed to be authentic by the New York Times and other outlets.

“They are gone now and Tom has started to Dubai,” a source on the set told E! News on Wednesday December 23rd about the film crew. “It’s a much needed break that comes at the right time. It was very intense, as always with Tom. Every M: I movie is difficult to film and this one is no exception.”

During his abuse, Cruise complained about the crew’s lack of social distancing. He noted that if the safety protocols are not followed, production could be stopped.

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