How Steph Curry’s three youngsters comply with in his athletic footsteps

“He’s only four but we’ll find out what really interests him over the next few years,” added the 34-year-old. “But there is no pressure either way. They just want them to find what they love and support it.”

Just as he is always there to support his family, they will support him in turn. And it’s that support that Steph said is “the fuel in the engine to give me the space to invest in my craft and the amount of sacrifice it takes to operate at this level.” “

“But also the unconditional love and support of wins, losses, great games, bad games,” he continued. “They are there, and I hope that whatever life throws at us, I can be there for them.”

Hear more from Steph – including what it means to him to be named Sportsman of the Year – in the full interview above.

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