How Paris Hilton grew to become the largest model of the 00s

“I travel all the time … so it gets very lonely at times,” she said. “I’ve been through so much in life and I don’t really trust people. I just got used to being handcuffed. But I don’t feel that way with my fans at all. A day goes by when I don’t text, FaceTiming or write an email with my Little Hiltons. “

The film is also about the ups and downs of influencer culture – the highs are fame and fortune (and in the case of Paris a built-in support system), the lows are the trolls, and the inevitable influx of negativity (or worse) that comes from it sharing your life with cameras – and she admitted being the butt of all those sex tape jokes from 2003 on was a soul-shattering experience.

“Back then, people acted like I was the bad guy or the bad guy,” Paris told the LA Times in 2019. “If that happened today, it would be whoever did that to the person.” [vilified]. ”

“As a little girl, I always looked up to Princess Diana and the women I respected so much,” she recalled. “And I felt that when I was this man [her ex Rick Salomon] erase the tape, it basically took that away from me because people will judge me for the rest of my life and will think of me in a certain way just because of a private moment with someone who does that [I] familiar and loved. “

But while she understandably feared that she would be judged forever by that one bad decision, she didn’t let herself be defined – nor did she make her pop culture shame go away.

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