How North West Saved Mother Kim Kardashian’s 2023 Met Gala Gown

Kim Kardashianyou’re doing great, sweetie.

There’s no denying the Kardashians star made a stunning entrance at the 2023 Met Gala in a custom-made Schiaparelli gown, embellished with 50,000 freshwater pearls, draped across her cleavage and from the hips down. A fitted corset served as the centerpiece while she accessorised with a white floor length scarf, matching heels and a chandelier necklace. (See each swoon arrival here.)

After exiting the fashion event on May 1st, however, the SKIMS founder literally had to clutch her pearls when the bottom half of her dress broke apart, tearing strands of pearls and scattering them all over the floor.

But in true Kim fashion, she handled the wardrobe malfunction like a pro and smiled for the paparazzi as she headed into the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. But long before the night was over, she had admitted that her design was somewhat problematic.

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