How Dua Lipa floated to turn out to be the golden lady of pop music

If you noticed Dua Lipa one of the few people who somehow found a way to thrive amid the pandemic, you are not alone.

At the comedian’s John Mulaney attended Jimmy Kimmel Live on December 1, 2020, host Jimmy Kimmel started their conversation with, “John, I feel like you and Joe Biden and maybe Dua Lipa are the only ones who had a good 2020. “The comment sparked a hearty laugh from the Big Mouth voice actor. (The interview took place before reports surfaced later in December that John had checked into rehab.)

While Dua Lipa may not yet be the leader of the free world (at least not yet), there is no question that her career has remained floating for the past 12 months. The pop superstar, who received the Grammy Award for the best pop vocal album earlier this year, is starting the Billboard Music Awards 2021 with four nominations, including coveted prizes such as Top Female Artist, Top Hot 100 Artist and Top Radio song for “Don’t Stop Now”.

Certainly the 25-year-old London-born performer had seen her share of the success before 2020. After all, she won Grammys in both categories for which she was nominated in 2019: Best New Artist and Best Dance Recording.

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