How Drew Barrymore’s “racy” textual content to Cameron Diaz was despatched to strangers

Have you never

Host during a funny game of Did the Crime, Sip the Wine on the Drew Barrymore Show on May 18 Drew Barrymore called back to their guests Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough and special co-host Ross Mathewsfrom a time attracted to a video of her – that she wanted to send to BFF Cameron Diaz – Accidentally got into the hands of a teenager!

The 46-year-old hostess asked her guests if they had ever accidentally sent a “racy” text to the wrong person – which reminded her of the time she did just that.

“Here’s the irony, I’m not dropping a name,” Drew shared. “You two ladies [Dobrev and Hough] are both in the same branch. My best friend is Cameron Diaz and I sent her a video of me getting dressed. “

And you won’t believe who was on the receiving end of this video.

“It turns out I sent it to a sixteen-year-old boy named Matthew“The actress remembered.” Anyway, long story. “

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