How Britney Spears tries to speed up Jamie’s exit as a restorer

TO UPDATE: Jamie Spears submitted court documents for discussion Britney Spears“Requested that her trial be brought forward because of her desire to remove her father as a restorer.

In documents from E! News on Friday August 5th, Jamie’s lawyer, Vivian ThoreenShe writes on his behalf that she sees no urgency in Britney’s motion, which was made by her lawyer. Mathew Rosengart. However, Vivian said she was not opposed to rescheduling the hearing from September 29 to August 23.

Vivian went on to say that they tend to oppose the removal of Jamie because he “has dutifully and faithfully served as curator of his daughter’s estate, without any flaws in his files.” Vivian cited Britney’s financial well-being and her sons’ visitation rights as evidence of his competence.

In the same court files, the lawyer also accused Jodie Montgomery testifying in a conversation on July 9th that Britney may need a 5150 stop because she was allegedly “out of control”.

In a statement to E! News, Jodie’s lawyer, Lauriann Wright, denied the allegations. She said in part: “Mr. Spears’ statement misrepresents what Ms. Montgomery said to him regarding a potential 5150 psychiatric detention for Ms. Spears. Ms. Montgomery has at no time told Mr. Spears that Ms. Spears is currently” in favor of one qualify for such a stop. “


Britney Spears’ new legal team is taking further steps to remove Jamie Spears as the singer’s curator.

In court documents that E! August 5th news, Britney’s attorney Mathew Rosengart a motion to reschedule the September 29 hearing for the motion to remove Jamie as curator of the estate.

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