Home Democrats search to cease repression of GOP voters by passing the biggest vote roll-out since 1965

The House Democrats responded to the nationwide campaign to repress Republican voters with the passage of the For The People Act, which would mark the largest expansion of voting rights since 1965.

The For The People Act contains several major reforms, including the protection of voting rights, the establishment of the campaign funding system, and reform gerrymandering.

Speaking at a press briefing prior to the vote, spokesman Pelosi said, “So what we’re doing in this struggle that we’re engaging in is empowering people. This is known as the For The People bill. In this way we are fighting big, dark money of special interest in politics and amplifying the voice of the American people. We fight foreign interference in our elections, foreign interference in our elections. We are expanding the voting rights. We fight political migration and take action against corruption. “

The bill is supported by President Biden. If the Senate Democrats want to protect voting rights, dismantle Citizens United and end the wandering, they must weaken the filibuster and pass the For The People Act by a simple majority of 51 votes.

The Senate filibuster is the only thing that stands between the American people and the largest expansion of voting rights since 1965.

If the Democrats are serious about giving democracy back to the people, they will do whatever it takes to pass the For The People Act in the Senate.

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