Holly Robinson Peete claims that Sharon Osbourne known as her “Too Ghetto”

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On Friday March 12th Holly Robinson Peete, a former co-host of The Talk, went on Twitter to share her account of why she was fired from the talk show after just one season a day, pointing the number to current host Sharon Osbourne. Holly claims, “I’m old enough to remember when Sharon complained that I was too ‘Ghetto’ for ‘The Talk’ … then I was gone.”

Holly continues, “I’m bringing this up now because I was ashamed to observe the disrespectful, condescending tone she adopted with her co-host, who remained calm and respectful because … she had to.”

Former co-host Leah Remini also interfered when a talk show fan claimed the King of Queens actress was the one who started the rumor that Sharon called Holly “ghetto”. Leah told the reviewer, “Don’t be ridiculous. But fine, try, love.”

Leah first made the allegations in a 2012 Twitter Q&A, according to The Hollywood Reporter, claiming Sharon found her and Holly “awkward”, “not funny” and “ghetto”.

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