High Democrat within the Home of Representatives breaks Kevin McCarthy to help the takeover of the Trump cult fascist

Army Committee of the House of Representatives Chairman Rep. Adam Smith accused Kevin McCarthy of helping the Trump cult in the fascist takeover of the United States.


House Armed Services Committee chairman Adam Smith said Kevin McCarthy was trying to aid the Trump cult in a fascist takeover of government. pic.twitter.com/LeyTzq5QUq

– Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) July 10, 2021

Chairman Smith said on MSNBC:

On January 6th when the violence happened, you can almost see it Republicans, Lindsey Grahams ridiculous speech in the Senate, if you haven’t seen this yet January 6th, well worth going back and look. They said, oh my god we have gone too far. The Trump cult is a disaster it’s a huge problem. That took, I think, maybe see you tomorrow morning and then Kevin McCarthy calculated that he would needs Trump and he needs Trump Supporters to win them back Majority in the house. So he basically sold everything out to support Trump, it doesn’t matter what, and part of it again deny what you are displayed here on the screen of what happened on January 6th.

Kevin McCarthy tries whitewash that in and try to bury it it, try to get people to do it forget what happened in january 6. And to lie about it. And of course a select committee led by Bennie Thompson, the will do an excellent job prevent this ability to bury this Reality to hide the attempt Trump’s extremism. So no, I am not encouraged by it.

McCarthy tries to be like that as creative as he can while helping support the Trump cult in theirs Attempt at a fascist takeover of this country. And there is nothing encouraging about any of that. We have to show people what happened on January 6th, so we don’t let yourself be lulled that it doesn’t happen when it does is.

It doesn’t get any more direct than what Rep. Smith said. Kevin McCarthy is an enemy of democracy who only thinks about his own power and becomes Speaker of the House of Representatives.

McCarthy is also an enemy of democracy, and if Republicans ever come back to power they will work to restore US democracy from within.

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