Herschel Walker was a deranged catastrophe when Raphael Warnock wins the Georgia Senate debate

Herschel Walker went silent after 15 minutes as things got weird and strange in a debate won by Sen. Raphael Warnock.

Herschel Walker was asked about a specific idea to bring down inflation, so he blamed Joe Biden and Sen. Warnock. Walker immediately made an effort to talk about the first question. His answer was energy independence. Walker was asked if he would cut military spending or social services spending, and Walker said he would not cut energy spending.

Warnock was asked if he took responsibility for the financial woes of Georgians and Senator Warnock pointed to record profits being made by companies and announced the passage of the largest tax cut for working and middle class families. Warnock then told Walker that he needed to explain why he wanted higher prices. Herschel Walker said diabetics need to eat right. Warnock summarized Walker’s response that it was the diabetics’ fault that insulin was so expensive.

Walker claimed he would cut federal funding from any college that raised tuition:

When asked what he would do to reduce college costs, Herschel Walker (R) suggests ending funding for any institution that charges tuition:

“Any college that increases its costs, I would withdraw any federal funding it will get.” pic.twitter.com/LJhzelWXfz

— The Recount (@therecount) October 14, 2022

Herschel Walker is ten minutes into the debate, bordering on incoherent.

One thing that was clear about Walker was that he opposed student loans and gun control, called for a total ban on abortion, supported raising the price of insulin for diabetics, and opposed the minimum wage.

Tired of being lied to at some point, Sen Warnock said: “We saw tonight that my opponent has a problem with the truth.”

Warnock called Walker for posing as a police officer and threatening a shootout with the police. Walker then claimed he was a police officer, pulled out a prop, and was yelled at by the presenters for ignoring debate rules and having a prop.

Walker’s only point was that Warnock and Biden are the same person, which he kept saying.

Herschel Walker ridiculously claimed that he was very transparent if this was a man who lied about the number of his children because he knew the woman whose abortion he paid for.

Walker claimed that there are no uninsured Georgians in the state when there are 1.5 million.

Herschel Walker was a word salad disaster

Herschel Walker ran out of memorized talking points about 15 minutes into the debate, and then things got weird and crazy. At one point, Walker began yelling at Warnock, “Don’t bear false witness.” Herschel Walker, the pathological liar, told a pastor that he bore false witness.

Walker also claimed that he no longer needed help because of his mental illness.

Sen. Warnock was the winner of the debate

Raphael Warnock was the winner of the debate while Herschel Walker tried to get into the Trump school of debate. Only one contestant on stage knew what was happening in Georgia, while Walker stuck to Fox News talking points and clichés.

Warnock pointed out that Walker offered no solutions, and he didn’t. However, the catnip offered by Walker and the talking points will appeal to Republicans in Georgia.

Sen. Warnock leads by an average of 3.3 points, but Walker hasn’t had a lead in a poll since Labor Day.

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