Heidi Klums reveals her favourite Disney character

What inspired you to create a Disney line with the Villains?

“I’ve always loved the Disney villains. The characters are iconic and they all have these mysterious personalities that bring our favorite Disney stories to life. I grew up loving them, and so did my kids when I first came across Disney the designing spoke A collection that I immediately knew I wanted to create with the bad guys. “

After your Disney ears sold out hit, do you have any Disney villain ears in the works?

“I would love to!”

Who is your favorite Disney villain and why?

“I love Maleficent! I love everything about her. Her looks are just so cool, she’s so sexy with the two horns on her head. On the surface she looks evil and unforgiving, but like many of the bad guys, we find out that she is.” it has a weakness. “

What are your 5 favorite or must-have pieces from the collection?

“Of course I love all the pieces. And I love the fact that there really is something for everyone in this collection. No matter how old you are, what style you have or what budget.”

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