Half 3: Madeleine McCann Search Takes a Flip, however The place Will It Lead?

When reached earlier this month, a Met spokesperson confirmed to E! News that the McCann case remained open but they were unable to comment further about their active investigation—which is still a missing-person inquiry. 

Scotland Yard did say last year that they’ve yet to see “definitive evidence whether Madeleine is alive or dead”—and that remains the case. Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick told reporters in December that they were working “really, really closely” with German authorities, yet she “would not expect necessarily every single piece of material to be shared with us.”

“We’re continuing to work very closely with our colleagues in the BKA…and the PJ,” she continued. “We do have our small team still working on that and there’s no significant change for us in terms of our resourcing or posture…We will continue until the time that it is right, either because much more light has been thrown on this and, or, somebody has been brought to justice. Or, if we feel we have exhausted all possible opportunities. We’re not any of those stages at the moment, and the team continues.”

A source close to the investigation told the Telegraph in January, “At this stage there is no evolution. Of course I would like to see an end to this, but there is no reason to think that [Brückner] could take us to Madeleine, and that is the most important thing.” In a New Year’s message, the McCanns said the “hope, energy and determination to find her and uncover the truth remain steadfast.”

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