Hakeem Jeffries makes it clear Democrats will not bail out McCarthy over the debt restrict

During an interview with Meet The Press, House Democrat leader Hakeem Jeffries dismissed the idea of ​​giving Kevin McCarthy a stopgap on the debt ceiling.

Video by Jeffries:

Chuck Todd asked Jeffries about the idea of ​​raising the debt limit in the short term to match the budget deadline.

Jeffries replied: “I don’t think it’s responsible to kick the can out when President Biden has been saying for months that Leader Schumer’s position is that House Democrats’ position is to avoid a default. America should pay its bills and protect the full confidence and credit of the United States of America, but of course we’re open to a discussion about what kind of investments, what kind of spending, what kind of income are appropriate to health, safety and to protect the economic well-being of the American people. This is a process that is now available to us. I don’t think we need to delay these discussions for a few months.”

Todd responded by asking if that was the way out.

Leader Jeffries said, “We’ve got to avoid a fallout, period, period. I think what lies ahead now is that President Biden called a very important discussion Tuesday so that we can find a way to do what is necessary to continue to strengthen our economy in a way that benefits Americans every day comes.”

In other words, that would be a big no to the idea of ​​taking the pressure off Speaker McCarthy by giving him a few more months to stand around and do nothing.

The media seems to forget that House Republicans voted for this fight. Speaker McCarthy and the far-right member of his group wanted to push the nation toward default, and McCarthy could have made that a non-issue by passing a clean debt ceiling hike.

He and the MAGAs believe Biden and the Democrats will give them the cuts they want.

Democrats are employing a tactic that has worked in every debt-limit standoff. Democrats remain united and will not give in to the GOP’s fabricated crisis.

If Republicans cause a default, they will be held responsible.

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