Hailey Bieber’s stylist breaks up the distinctive manner she chooses an outfit

The stylist notes that she and the native Californian indulge in nostalgia and “look back on the 90s”.

That being said, Maeve shows that Hailey ends up being rather intuitive during her glamorous sessions.

As she describes, “With Hailey, it’s just a feeling. It’s like, ‘Does this feel like you?’ and ‘Does that feel right?’ It depends on the mood and what she’s got to do for the day. “

“She’s just amazing and it’s so cooperative,” explains the style expert. “For example, she was wearing this green the other day [blazer] I got her, but she went home and put this together on her own. That was totally styled by her. So we have a super similar aesthetic and she has incredible taste and can do things 100 percent herself. It’s not that I ever tell her what to do or what to wear, and that’s all. I am really obsessed with her. “

Maeve adds that Justin is usually in awe of his wife’s statement outfits.

“I think he loves everything,” she flushes. “There’s nothing I love more than when he walks in the room and his jaw drops or he compliments how amazing she looks. I have the same thing with Ciara. When Russell Wilson walks into the room and says, “Wow”, there is nothing better for a woman to hear that from her husband. She does her thing you know I think he loves their mood, whatever. “

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