Gypsy Rose Shares Emotional Message About Mother, Dee Dee

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is getting transparent with fans while sharing an emotional message about her late mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, on Mother’s Day.

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Gypsy Rose Shares Mother’s Day Tribute To Her Late Mom Dee Dee Blanchard

On Sunday, May 12, Rose took to TikTok to share a video with fans. In the clip, she explained that she wanted to “make a video basically celebrating the really strong and wonderful women” who have been “mother figures” to her in the last eight years of her life.

Before sharing her thoughts, Rose noted that she turned off the comments on her video because she didn’t want to hear any negative responses.

“It does not go without notice that my own biological mother is not here to celebrate Mother’s Day,” she explained. “And what I choose to feel on Mother’s Day, regarding my own mother, is that I think the best of her.”

Rose added that she thinks of the “good times” with her mother instead of what her mom “did” to her. Additionally, the 32-year-old stated that she doesn’t believe her mom was a “good person” or the “best mom in the world,” but Dee Dee was still her mother. Therefore, however she chooses to feel about Dee Dee is her choice.

The 32-Year-Old Got Candid About Her “Regrets”

Before concluding on the topic of her mother, Rose explained that she has been “working for years on forgiveness.” Additionally, she hopes that her mother is in heaven and is “proud” of her accomplishments.

“I’ve been working for years on forgiveness, and I hope that she is in heaven. I hope that, to some degree, I make her proud… in heaven, they say that all mental and physical inflictions are gone, right? God makes you perfect in heaven. So,” Rose continued, as her voice appeared to shake. “If you take away the mental inflictions that my mother had, then I think what’s left is a good person.

Rose also transparently reflected on herself and her actions amid her words.

“Do I have regrets? Oh yeah, I’ve got many,” she added. “But nobody’s going to be able to tell me things about myself that I don’t already know.”

Ultimately, the 32-year-old explained that she planned to say a prayer for her mom.

“So I will say a prayer for her today, and I will remember the good that was inside of her, whether that be extremely deep or not,” she concluded.

Check out Gypsy Rose’s message about her mother and other important maternal figures in her life below.


Happy Mothers Day to the wonderful women in my life💐 @Kristy M Blanchard @Raina Williams

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A Brief Recap Of Recent Events In Gypsy Rose’s Life

As The Shade Room previously reported, Rose was released early from a ten-year prison sentence in December 2023. Rose’s prison sentence stemmed from her reportedly enlisting her ex-boyfriend, Nick Godejohn, to murder her mother in 2015.

In July 2016, Rose reportedly pled guilty to a second-degree murder charge. However, in 2023, a spokesperson for the Missouri Department of Corrections explained that Rose was granted parole after serving 85 percent of her overall prison sentence.

In an interview with PEOPLE, published on the day of her release, Rose explained that she was ready for “freedom.”

Since then, Rose has seemingly embraced her new lifestyle. In March, the 32-year-old revealed that she and her husband of almost two years, Ryan Scott Anderson, decided to separate, per The Shade Room.

The following month, Rose announced her plans to undergo rhinoplasty surgery, per The Shade Room. Since then, Rose has shown off her new look and officially filed for divorce from Anderson while spinning the block on another ex of hers.

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