GOP strategist says that is the start of the tip for Ron DeSantis

Republican strategist Rina Shah said Ron DeSantis has shown he knows how to start but not finish a fight, and we’re watching the beginning of the end of his hopes for 2024.


Shah said on MSNBC when asked if Disney is suing DeSantis:

Well I think it’s really clear that Ron Desantis knows how to start a fight, but he doesn’t know how to end that fight. And that’s the real crux of the matter here, that the Republicans are very excited, and these are the financiers that we say Ron is our type. But what we’re beginning to see now is that he reveals himself. We’ve heard whispers in Washington about his brief stint as a congressman that he’s a largely insecure person who doesn’t seem to have any real legislative priorities. He had this naked ambition, obviously for the presidency, for which he didn’t even announce the primary.

So what I’m seeing here is the beginning of the end for Ron Desantis and I’m just not sure where that’s going to take us. Aside from being left in a place where he really isn’t the person to take on Donald Trump, it’s been talked about a lot. And essentially, a lot of staunch Republicans — I’m sorry, after Trumpers who are pretty sure Ron’s our type as a Republican — lead them to wonder, is that still our type?

DeSantis’ own donors are calling for his campaign to be postponed and a change in strategy because they view what the Florida governor is currently doing is not working.

Then there was the UK, where DeSantis received terrible reviews during his meeting with business leaders in London. DeSantis was described to Politico as: “He’s been to five different countries in five days and he definitely looked exhausted, but his message wasn’t presidential. He was horrible.”

Who can forget DeSantis howling during his overseas trip?

Today, Desantis is melting outside the protective bubble of its carefully controlled, scripted FL events.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) April 27, 2023

The Super PAC Never Back Down supporting DeSantis released a virtual campaign launch ad that was more Orwellian than motivational:

DeSantis doesn’t interact well with people. The video is an example of his need for distance from people. DeSantis is not involved on a personal level. He seems to view the voter’s role as one of passive allegiance.

The ad ends with people deciding to follow their new leader by putting a DeSantis sign in their front yard and replacing their Trump bumper stick with DeSantis.

The video is not inspirational. It’s Fahrenheit 451 level scary.

Ron DeSantis shows he’s not ready to sit at the grown-up table in the 2024 presidential election.

DeSantis doesn’t think he needs to change his strategy. Florida governor is likely to be rolled by Trump.

It seems DeSantis has a presidential campaign that manages to flounder before it even begins.

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