GOP plan to drop all expenses towards Trump Georgia is falling aside

Republicans planned to use the special grand jury foreman’s comments to overturn indictments against Trump and other Republicans, but that plan fell through.

Trump’s attorneys made a stink, and Republicans thought the special grand jury foreman’s comments might give them a way out for possible indictments, but then the judge stepped in.

The Constitution of the Atlanta Journal reported:
“You cannot discuss their deliberations,” he said. “So the question arises what deliberations are, and I explained that those would be the discussions they had among themselves when there was only the grand jury in the room … as they debated what to do with what we learned ‘ McBurney said.

But if an assistant prosecutor or witness is in the grand jury room, they can talk about what happened then, the judge said.

“This is not a consultation,” he said. “This is presentation. And they are not forbidden to talk about it, nor are they forbidden to talk about the outcome of their deliberations, that would be the final report.”

In other words, the foreman followed the rules that the judge laid down with her media interviews. She did not discuss any of the Special Grand Jury deliberations or details of those deliberations.

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Donald Trump freaked out when he realized the pages released from the grand jury’s special report meant the opposite of what he thought.

Trump was not exonerated. He and his cronies may be heading for criminal charges in conspiring to overturn the outcome of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

Republicans won’t be able to overturn the indictments based on what the previous person said in interviews, so things could get ugly for Trump and the GOP in a hurry once Fulton County Attorney Fani Willis files indictments announces.

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