George Santos’ finish is close to as he resigns from committees

Rep. George Santos (R-NY)’s resignation from committees is a sign his legal troubles are mounting and his time in Congress may soon be ending.

The AP reports:

Republican Rep. George Santos of New York told GOP colleagues Tuesday that he was temporarily stepping down from both of his congressional committees, a move amid a host of ethics issues and a day after he met House Speaker Kevin McCarthy .

Santos has faced numerous resignation calls and faces multiple investigations from prosecutors over his personal and campaign finances and lies about his resume and family background.

Rep. Santos is not stepping down from his committee duties over an investigation into House ethics or campaign finance violations.

There are ongoing criminal investigations into where George Santos got his money and how hundreds of thousands of dollars from mysterious sources ended up in his congressional campaign.

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House Republicans are over the moon because they want to keep Rep. Santos’ vote but also make him disappear.

It doesn’t matter if Santos serves on committees or not. The story won’t go away as long as he stays in the house.

House Republicans and George Santos are linked at the hip. Santos will be the face of the Democratic campaign to take back the house in 2024.

George Santos can’t hide from the law, and House Republicans can’t hide Rep. Santos in Congress.

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