Gabrielle Union says Dwyane Wade ‘divided the whole lot in half’

Despite being a well-known superstar with a star-studded family, Gabrielle Union speaks openly about how she’s still working to overcome it.

Despite those fears, however, Gabrielle was sure to point it out — in her and Dwyane Wade‘s household – they split the finances right down the middle.

Gabrielle Union rejects her “scarcity mentality”.

During a recent session on Bloomberg’s Idea Generation, Gabrielle spoke on the subject.

Approximately 18 minutes into the start of the 38 minute interview, moderator Noah Callahan Bever asks Union as she began to feel “the first sense of security” in knowing she’s an established actress who will continue to get work.

The Bring It On actress explained: “I’m struggling with this.”

She went on to explain that she felt she had “more responsibility for”. [her] Money.” As a result, she worries a lot about being able to successfully turn a profit from her projects and stay in the best financial shape, which makes her “nervous.”

She explained the thought process behind these fears by remarking: “Oh, that movie didn’t open. What does that mean? Will I have enough to feed everyone?”

Faced with these feelings, Gabrielle tries to “calm down” and not allow her “scarcity mentality.” [her] Engine.”

“I try to find peace on the journey [of] I don’t use my fear and scarcity mentality as my engine. Which is hard.”

Gabrielle says she and Dwyane Wade “shared everything” in their household.

Shortly after, Gabrielle opened up about the financial dynamics in her household. She revealed that she and Dwyane “split everything in half.”

“It’s weird to say I’m the head of the family because we split everything in half in this household.”

Union went on to talk about the looming pressure of having to work to stay afloat and continue to meet their financial obligations.

“In the other households that each of us has to support, one of these gorillas sits on his back and says, ‘You better be working, bitch! … Want to sleep in?'” Someone might not eat.'”

She ended the thought by adding: “It’s hard to let that go, so I’m working on it.”

Check out the full interview below.

What do you think of Gabrielle’s comment and would you ever split the bills 50/50?

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