G Herbo Could Have Revealed The Gender Of His And Taina’s Child On IG Stay (Video)

G Herbo recently had a loose lip case and he spilled all kinds of tea while talking to his fans on Instagram Live.

There have been several instances throughout life of Herb making reference to his relationship with his girlfriend, Taina Williams, and it was believed that G Herbo was under the influence for talking a little too much.

At one point, fans believe Herb spilled the beans over his baby’s sex with Taina. If things are what they seem, it looks like the couple may have a little girl!

Here’s why fans think they’re having a little girl. G Herbo said the following: “See how my daughter will be my weakness so that I can enter …”

Immediately after Herb said it, he paused awkwardly, seeming to be aware that he might have said too much.

Then he continued, “Come on in, give my baby a kiss, Muah.”

Check out the video below:

This may be the second time news of Taina’s pregnancy has been leaked. The first time the pregnancy itself was when G Herbo’s attorney revealed that Taina was on trial over federal fraud allegations during a hearing.

Herb’s attorney reportedly asked the judge to travel G Herbo to New Jersey between Chicago and California to visit Taina while he is on trial because she was four months pregnant (at this point).

Though that bombshell was dropped in court, the couple were pretty quiet on the subject until early New Years Day when Taina confirmed the pregnancy with a beautiful video with G Herbo.

Even if Herb had an impromptu gender reveal, we’re sure the couple will share the tea with us soon!

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