Future is All Smile with pal Dess Dior on her final film date

Future and Dess Dior

Roommate, Future certainly had a fair share of women (and a long list of kids to prove it), but many are starting to believe that with current girlfriend Dess Dior he could be in it for the long term. Future and Dess were spotted on a movie date in Atlanta recently – and while that’s definitely not a big deal … Future’s big smile is in the photos.

Since his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey is the talk of the town thanks to her new relationship with A-List actor Michael B. Jordan, Future fits in well with a relationship of its own.

Future and Dess Dior have been dating for a few months and aside from a few annoying rumors they recently broke up, the two have managed to keep their relationship going. Future is known for always having a pretty straight face and is rarely seen without his branded glasses, but he recently turned it up on both fronts.

When he and Dess were photographed out of an Atlanta movie theater, Future rocked the biggest smile we’ve ever seen from him … and there were no sunglasses in sight.

He has also been a professional supporter of Dess, as he recently shared a snippet of her new song “Don’t Play” on social media and rumors have started that they may also be dropping some music together.

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