Full-length trailer for ‘Pricey White Individuals’ Drops And It is A Musical 90s Throwback!

Roommate, it took a long time, but Netflix’s hit series “Dear White People” is finally back for its fourth and final season – but this time the drama at Winchester University is being turned into a musical full of 90s hits! The final season of hit Netflix “Dear White People” officially launches on September 22nd, and it looks like things have definitely changed for our favorite group of college students.

The final season of “Dear White People” will consist of 10 episodes set in the form of a 90s-inspired musical as the crew prepares for the conclusion.

The musical final season is described as follows:

“Against the backdrop of the senior year at Winchester and a not too distant future after the pandemic,“ Dear White People ”Vol. 4 finds our characters looking back on the most formative (and theatrical) year of their lives. “Dear White People” Vol. 4 is an unforgettable farewell experience with an absolutely perfect promise: Sometimes the only way to move forward is to throw it back. “

As we reported back in October 2019, it was officially announced that the series will officially end with its fourth season.

In response to last season’s news, series creator Justin Simien said the following:

“I’m so grateful that my little indie-that-could made it to four seasons on Netflix! This show, along with the many talented storytellers it brought to my surroundings, has changed my life and I can’t wait to create a grand closing volume worthy of such a transformative experience. “

“Dear White People” was a television adaptation of the indie film of the same name from 2013, in which actress Tess Thompson played the lead role. Both the film and the series examined themes of social injustice, cultural bias, political correctness (or lack of it), and activism in the millennium.

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