Fox is advancing the FBI rebellion conspiracy concept to guard GOP lawmakers who could also be concerned

In the days following the January uprising, few Conservative MPs or media representatives were ready to defend the rioters. Over time, Republican officials and personalities from Fox News have urged them to downplay the day’s events.

Recently, Tucker Carlson suggested that the people arrested for their role in the riot were, in fact, undercover FBI agents. Frank Figliuzzi had a theory as to why Fox would allow this to happen.

The former FBI agent began by telling Nicolle Wallace, “To be clear, we are not talking about conspiracies that just arose spontaneously from the population, as they do – urban legends that need to be put down or develop a life of their own – we see conspiracy as a conscious strategy. “

Figliuzzi then said of Fox:

“I think they are afraid that the FBI is actually looking into the causes of this. And we have confirmation because NBC News received one of the FBI interview transcripts for one of the defendants on Jan. 6. Lo and behold, what was one of the questions they asked him? “Do you know anyone in Congress or a congressional staff? “If this becomes a standardized question in certain circumstances, you have every right to worry, and so we’ll see how you keep spreading this Cockamamy theory that the FBI did it.”

Check out a clip of the segment below, courtesy of the Fox News Network:

Frank Figliuzzi says Fox is advancing the FBI uprising conspiracy theory to protect GOP lawmakers who may be involved

– PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) June 22, 2021

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