Former GOP Senator Jeff Flake Pens crushed Op-Ed towards his get together

When Donald Trump took office, there was little Republican opposition to him. There was John McCain, of course. There was also a backlash from Tennessee’s Bob Corker.

But Jeff Flake was usually the loudest Republican voice against Trump. The Arizona legislature retired in 2018 and has continued to distance itself from the GOP. Flake announced that he would endorse Joe Biden as President last August.

And the legislature continued to talk about what became of his party. On Tuesday he wrote a damning statement for the Washington Post about Liz Cheney’s treatment.

Flake began: “S.he (Cheney) will lose her position for refusing to play her assigned role in spreading the “big lie” stolen from Donald Trump in the 2020 election. Cheney is more dedicated to the long-term health of our constitutional system than to calming the shattered ego of the former president, and she can certainly pay for her integrity with her career. “

The former senator continued: “No, this is not the plot of a film set in an institution. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your contemporary Republican Party in which there is no greater offense than honesty today. “

“It is fundamental to have to say this, but we have not become a great nation by believing or advocating nonsense or accepting insanity. And if my party continues down this path, we will not be able to govern.” Https://

– Jeff Flake (@ JeffFlake) May 11, 2021

Cheney concluded: “When I became an ignorant dissident in my party by speaking in defense of obvious truths, I assumed that more and more of my colleagues would follow me. I am still amazed that so few have done it. Congressman Cheney, I know how alone you must feel. But just know that story holds the score, not Kevin McCarthy or Elise Stefanik. “

Unfortunately for both Flake and Cheney the exceptions to the rule are in today’s GOP. And most Republicans don’t feel comfortable if they don’t retire like Flake.

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