Followers nervous about younger thug who seems to be ‘defeated’ in court docket

Young thug has fans concerned after being seen “defeated” in court in the rapper’s ongoing RICO case.

Many on social media said they are praying for the YSL rapper to stay positive after video of Thug looking defeated circulated from inside the courtroom on Twitter on Wednesday.

A video of a thug looking dejected in the courtroom is sparking concern among fans

Thugga can be seen hunched over his desk with his head on the table and a mask dangling under his nose.

The footage prompted fans to pray for the Atlanta native.

β€œPraying for Young Thug. For forgiveness and for his health,” one fan wrote. “For his wellbeing and for the best possible outcome. I’m really sad for him in this situation and I hope the allegations against him are false.”

Young Thug looked beaten up in court recently πŸ™πŸ˜”

β€” Daily Loud (@DailyLoud) January 25, 2023

Dear YSL members and staff say Thug is trying to stay positive but is “disappointed”.

In a recent interview with Rolling StoneYSL co-founder Mondo opened up about Young Thug’s thinking during the RICO trial, saying the rapper remains optimistic but is “disappointed” with some of the recent issues surrounding his case, the outlet reports.

“I spoke to Mama Thug, I spoke to his sisters. Thug keeps a good spirit and keeps his head up, but there are certain things he’s just disappointed with,” he said without going into detail.

Now frequent employees Little baby and metro boom also provided uplifting updates on Thug’s well-being following his arrest last May.

“I talk to him, he’s a blessed man,” Metro said on DJ Drama’s The Streetz Iz Watching podcast last week. “Anyone who knows Slime knows he has a heart of gold, but he also has a warrior’s heart, so he held his head up.”

Young Thug in court today πŸ˜”β€ΌοΈ

β€” RapTV (@Rap) January 25, 2023

Thug’s defeated footage is one of several issues, setbacks in jury selection for the RICO case

Thug has recently faced several setbacks since jury selection for his upcoming RICO trial,

Earlier this month, Thug and one of his 13 co-defendants were accused of exchanging drugs during a court session. Video from the courtroom shows Khalieff Adams handing him a Percocet pill in front of the courthouse. The shadow room reported.

After the exchange, a Fulton County sheriff’s deputy asked Thugga to open his hand to reveal the pill, which the rapper complied with.

Adams, Thug’s co-defendant, initially resisted and was even tased multiple times, according to the outlet. The MP eventually found additional Percocet pills, marijuana, tobacco and other contraband hidden with him.

EXCLUSIVE: My colleague @MarkWinneWSB has just received surveillance video showing the moment prosecutors charge Young Thug and his co-defendant Kahlieff Adams with a hand-to-hand drug deal in court.@wsbtv

β€” Michael Seiden (@SeidenWSBTV) January 19, 2023

And that was the second time one of Thug’s YSL co-defendants attempted to smuggle contraband into the Fulton County jail.

On Jan. 17, the mother of another YSL rapper, Yak Gotti, was arrested after reportedly trying to smuggle a bag filled with tobacco products and rolling paper to her son at the Fulton County Courthouse.

Meanwhile, Thug’s attorney, Brian Steele, said there was a separate investigation into a potential juror who emailed him.

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