Flash Deal: Save $76 On Ninja Creami 11-in-1 Frozen Deal with Maker

Shoppers love this easy-to-use kitchen gadget. Here are just some of the rave reviews.

Ninja CREAMi 7-in-1 Frozen Treat Maker reviews

One shopper commented, “This makes the most delicious ice cream! I was hesitant because of the price but since I bought it I haven’t had to buy ice cream. They use all natural ingredients and the taste is way better than store bought. I highly recommend this product.”

Another insisted: “Best little device absolutely worth it. This is an amazing invention! It does exactly what is described and then some! So many positives for those who are creative and like to know the ingredients in food. And inflation on fundamentals is insanely high! You can play and turn almost anything you can “dream” of into ice cream or a frozen treat for far less than current prices! If not for yourself then for your family or friends and communities who need some uplifting moments especially children!”

Someone gushed: “Way too easy, we were shocked at how delicious the sorbet and ice cream are! Really nice recipe book that is not complicated. Requires only a few ingredients which I thrown together in minutes. The next day we had FIVE different treats! This product is worth the money and cheaper than I have seen in any store. My family highly recommends Ninja Creami….so easy a kid can do it!”

“I can’t tell you how many ice cream machines I’ve bought over the years. They all inevitably end up on the donation pile. Until this wonderful machine! That’s how easy we’ve made pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, orange, peppermint ice cream so far , and they’re all amazing! Everyone gets the flavor they want, when they want it. No more dropping $6 to $8 a pint on premium ice cream. I’ll be saving so much money on ice cream this summer. This machine is going to stand out easily amortize at least a few times. Highly recommend to anyone on the fence,” wrote one buyer.

One reviewer said, “This is so easy to use and makes great ice cream. You can control the ingredients. I made pineapple sorbet, plain vanilla, and a keto version with coconut cream for myself. I can’t wait for my grandkids to come and let them choose add-ins for theirs.”

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