Fivio Overseas workforce responds to latest sexual assault allegations: “That is improper. It has nothing to do with him” (unique)

TSR Exclusive: Fivio Foreign made headlines Wednesday after a young woman posted shocking allegations against him on Instagram. In a number of posts and even in a live video, the young woman claims the Brooklyn rapper locked her in a room and touched her inappropriately.

In a statement to The Shade Room, Fivio’s team denied the allegations, claiming that the young woman in question is with Fivio’s dancer. Fivio’s team also mentioned that he is not carrying a gun after the woman claimed there were guns.

In an Instagram post, a friend of the young woman explained that they had agreed to attend a party with Fivio in a New Jersey house, and when they arrived they found it was more of a small get-together . The young woman’s boyfriend claims to have seen Fivio lying on her and claims that Fivio yelled that he was raping her.

The young woman went live on social media to make her own allegations. She said Fivio stuck multiple fingers in her private area and refused to stop.

“I’m in the room where he locks the door,” she claims. “Now that we are lying down, he starts touching me and I’m like ‘STOP’. I scream but the music is so loud that I scream my friend’s name to the floor. He sticks his fingers in me and I say, “You feel like rape” and he says, “I’m going to rape you now.”

We’re not sure whether or not Fivio has been charged at this point, but we’ll keep you updated as the story unfolds, Roomies.

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