Federal choose grants permission to maneuver R. Kelly to NYC for intercourse

Roommate, R.Kelly has been in jail for some time while awaiting trial on sex trafficking allegations and it looks like there is finally news on when it is due to take place. After being late several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, R. Kelly will finally get his day in court this summer. According to the AP, a federal judge has agreed to move R. Kelly from Chicago to New York City for his trial.

R. Kelly’s legal team will fight for his freedom in federal court in Brooklyn on August 9th. US District Judge Ann Donnelly opted for a virtual hearing and suggested that the government move R. Kelly to a New York prison, most likely the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. However, it did not provide a timestamp of when the move was due to take place.

One of R. Kelly’s attorneys, Steve Greenberg, spoke out on the announcement. He said R. Kelly was looking forward to the trial. I am sure that he will be happy about a final court date, as everything goes behind bars for the singer “Step In The Name Of Love”. As a public figure, it was not easy for him to sit in prison.

If you remember, we recently reported that he was allegedly attacked by Jeremiah Shane Farmer in his prison cell last September. In documents received from TMZ, Jeremiah claims that “the government forced me to attack” and says that he attacked him in hopes of shedding light on the government’s corruption.

Roommate, we will keep you updated on the trial when this happens.

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