Falynn Guobadia breaks her silence over her estranged husband’s engagement to Porsha Williams – says she is targeted on finalizing the divorce

Falynn Guobadia has broken her silence over the sudden engagement of her estranged husband Simon Guobadia to her co-star Porsha Williams “Real Housewives of Atlanta”.

On Tuesday, Falynn made a highly anticipated statement on her official Instagram account. First of all, she thanked everyone who had shown their love at this scandalous hour.

“I want to thank everyone for reaching out to me and offering their love and support,” said Falynn.

But the real tea was in the last part of the statement, where she confirmed that her and Simon’s divorce is still ongoing, or in other words, Porsha Williams is actually engaged to a married man.

“Right now, I am focused on completing my divorce and healing. I’m sending positivity to all of you, ”Falynn shared.

Falynn’s statement follows Simon and Porsha’s engagement announcement, which has rocked social media for the past 24 hours.

To keep you posted, it all started when Porsha’s ex-fiancé Dennis McKinley congratulated her on her “next chapter” among some Mother’s Day pictures she shared. The pictures showed that she was with Dennis and Simon, but the fans tried to understand what this “next chapter” could be.

Then Porsha dropped the bombshell on social media when she confirmed she was dating Simon before Simon got away with a post of his own announcing that the two of them are not just dating but are now celebrating an entire engagement!

Since then, social media has just worked with the announcement to figure out the timeline and see if it’s appropriate. To add insult to injury at Falynn’s end, Porsha said they were never really friends, but the receipts say otherwise:

Chile, the tea is overflowing! We’ll keep you up to date!

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