(EXCLUSIVE) Teen Acquired Scholarship For Morehouse After Viral Video

Amir Staten of Philadelphia is not only going to his college of choice, Morehouse College, but he will be doing so on a full academic scholarship, The Shade Room has exclusively learned.

In an exclusive clip made available to The Shade Room, the future Morehouse Man is speechless to learn he has just won a 4-year Bonn Scholars scholarship. The teenager wiped tears from his eyes and said to his mother:

You don’t have to pay for college.

In addition to the full scholarship, Staten received an additional $20,000 in academic funding.

Your platform was sooo related to his scholarship. Words cannot even explain the gratitude and thanks, Karlyyne Staten, mother of Amir, said exclusively.

His mother explained that the Germantown Friends School senior would major in sociology because there weren’t enough black representatives in the field.

Amir goes viral after being included in Morehouse

If you remember, Amir Staten went viral in February to celebrate his acceptance letter into HBCU. In the rain he jumped for joy and shouted, “LET’S GO!”

In an interview with CBS News, Amir said:

It’s okay to go to college. It’s cool going to college, Amir Staten said. It’s cool to pick up a book and it’s cool to graduate. You don’t have to get involved on the street.

Why Morehouse?

Amir’s mother indicated that the senior had to leave Philadelphia because it is unsafe.

“I had some mixed feelings because you know he’s going to come out,” Karlynne Staten said.

He’s leaving Philly. I love Philly more than anything, but it’s not safe for him.

We love to see it!

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