Ex & Alleged Mom of NFL Participant Von Miller’s Unborn Youngster Claims He Mentioned “Pray For Miscarriage” In Textual content Messages

Ooohhhwwweee! So much! Denver Broncos player Von Miller and ex-Megan Denise got us into their business, Roomies. According to Megan’s IG stories, a lot has happened between the two and she is reportedly pregnant with his unborn child.

Megan went to the IG and started pouring her tea.

While recounting what happened, Megan accused Miller of sending text messages depicting him as near-excited about her pregnancy. One read: “I’m so disappointed.” Megan also accused Miller of sending a follow-up message that read “I honestly pray for a miscarriage”.

After a picture of a sonogram and several other text messages, Miller posted and deleted a message that apparently responded to what Megan wrote on Instagram. He said it was all a lie: “Fake news. Lol. The reality of someone leaving you literally drives some people crazy, ”he said. Miller then added, “Classic Trap.”

Megan decided to answer and said, “RELAX MY BOY BETTER. Everyone there knows what I have !! Don’t let me go there “

Megan also stated, “My heart goes out to any woman / or man who has ever dealt with mental, physical, or verbal abuse.” Megan continued, “It was enough to pray to me and me to die !! PROTECT ME AND ALL OF ME IN 2021. “

If that’s not enough, reports say Miller is reportedly on vacation with his new Boo while all of this is taking place on Al Gore’s Innanet. According to photos on Instagram, everything was fine a few months ago.

We hope that these two can come to a friendly agreement.

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