Even at nearly three a.m., Joe Biden was nonetheless turning the screws on Kevin McCarthy

President Biden returned from his trip to Ireland around 2:45 a.m., answering questions from the press and turning up on House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

Here is a transcript as provided by the White House to PoliticusUSA:

Q Any news on the debt ceiling? Will you be speaking to Speaker McCarthy about this in the coming weeks?

THE PRESIDENT: Of course I will speak to him. show me his budget That old expression – “Show me your budget.” You know, he – we agreed early on I would budget, which I did on March 9th, and he would budget. I don’t know what we’re negotiating if I don’t know what they want, what they’re going to do.

Reportedly, McCarthy can’t get House Republicans together enough to agree on a budget, so he destroys his own leadership team.

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For those wanting to make Biden’s age an issue in the 2024 campaign, consider he’s just wrapped up an international fight, answering reporters’ questions and Kevin McCarthy has turned up the heat on the debt ceiling as the clock ticks 3 a.m. approached ET.

Trump was such a notoriously bad traveler that traveling abroad was considered a nightmare. Trump reportedly grew tired after just two days abroad.

President Biden has more energy than some people half his age, and even in the middle of the night he was still up and keeping the debt ceiling under pressure on Kevin McCarthy.

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