Enable Excessive Networks to chill earlier than buying

Paramount Group Inc: “It’s very cheap, but at the same time I don’t like office properties. So I’m torn.”

Uranium Energy Corp: “There are currently no uniform brands for nuclear power in this country. It has too many enemies.”

Extreme Networks Inc: “I think it’s a very good network company. … Let it cool a little, and then you can buy something.”

Super Micro Computer Inc: “It seems too good to be true, which means we… need to find out exactly what this company does.”

Nvidia Corp: “I find [their inventory buildup] going through and done and flushed in the first weeks of January and will be in better shape.”

Barrick Gold Corp: “It has a good yield, but the problem is that the dollar must weaken. And in this case, if the chart is good, you can be a buyer.”

Disclaimer: Cramer’s Charitable Trust owns shares of Nvidia.

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