Eliza Reign has a message for ladies criticizing her for asking for youngster help (picture)

After reports surfaced that Eliza Reign was going to summon Future’s bank statements, Sister recorded her story and had a few things to say.

On Instagram, she wrote her post “PickMEsha” and continued, “The truth is, black people are so deeply conditioned that they hate ourselves, especially black women, that we don’t even notice. They’ll tell me, “take the 1000 and go on,” “it doesn’t even take a 1000 to raise a baby” but when those white women on the blogs ask for a million, go to “HOW SHOULD SHE BE.” “. ”

As previously reported, The explosionFuture refuses to submit his financial information to the court and his legal team has challenged Eliza’s previous subpoenas for the record. He reportedly wants her to stop getting more money out of him. Eliza’s goal is to prove that Future’s reported income is much higher than he says.

Eliza previously sent subpoenas to Future’s bank accounts at SunTrust and now plans to do the same with Wells Fargo Bank, where she believes he has a bank account.

Back in September, we exclusively reported that a judge recommended Future to pay Eliza $ 3,200 a month in child support after Future’s accountant said he only made about $ 30,000 a month. Well, Eliza’s attorney said at the time that the estimate of $ 30,000 seemed incorrect based on the information they knew about Future’s financial condition.

“We do not agree,” said Eliza’s lawyer Brandon Rotbart. “We had some other evidence that was conflicting. We are very confident that the final maintenance number for children will be significantly higher once we receive documents from him, his bank details and his credit card information. “

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