Dwyane Wade celebrates his 39th birthday with a particular efficiency from Beenie Man

Roommate Dwyane Wade recently celebrated his 39th birthday and definitely had a memorable time – and dancehall legend Beenie Man is one of the reasons. Still celebrating his last birthday, Dwyane Wade shares the behind-the-scenes footage with fans on social media, including a surprise performance by Beenie Man.

With his wife Gabrielle Union by his side, Dwyane Wade just celebrated his 39th birthday in extravagant celebrity style. The birthday celebrations began with a romantic campfire on the beach, topped off with a special performance by Beenie Man.

Beenie played his classic “Who Am I” in a safe and socially distant manner while Dwyane and Gabrielle enjoyed the music. There were also photos of the couple with Beenie afterwards and everyone smiled.

This wasn’t the only topic of Dwyne’s birthday weekend, however, as he and Gabrielle posed for a photo on Instagram with D-Wade only wearing his literal birthday suit. He labeled the photo with the words “Birthday behavior‼ ️ 39 is already looking up.”

The post caught the attention of three of his four children, who commented to hilariously express their displeasure with the photo. “That’s not what I wanted to wake up with,” wrote Dwyne’s 18-year-old son Zaire. His daughter, 13 year old Zaya, also had something to say and said, “Ayooooo chill, I just got in.”

As it stands, even though his birthday is officially over, Dwyane Wade isn’t going to stop partying as soon as possible.

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