Dua Lipa proves she has the final chuckle after being “bullied”

Dua Lipa “DGAF” what you think of her dancing – the negativity only inspired her to work even harder.

The Levitating artist took to her Instagram story earlier this week to celebrate the anniversary of her first album, the self-titled Dua Lipa – and to tell the haters how much they inspired her.

Dua, who wore pajamas while relaxing in bed, laughingly said on the now-distant Instagram story, “It’s been four years since my debut album came out and I’m so grateful for all of the incredible opportunities, the amazing people that I’ve met, all of the incredible lessons I’ve learned from touring for three years, being bullied online which made me kick my ass off and just really get better, so thank you very much. “

The 25-year-old Briton continued, “For all of the good and bad things that have helped me grow. I am forever grateful and look forward to seeing you see what comes next.”

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