Does Matt Gaetz’s political father use his prepare to maintain the Republicans calm about his son?

Matt Gaetz had a quick rise to political success. The Floridian became a representative of the State of Florida at the age of 28. When he was 35 years old, he was an ember of the House of Representatives.

The controversial lawmaker had a lot of help in his career, much of it coming from his politician father Don. Don Gaetz is a past President of the Florida Senate.

And according to a new report from Politico, Gaetz pulled strings to silence other lawmakers over his son’s sex scandal. Gary Fineout writes: “Don Gaetz almost paved his son’s path into the political world of Florida, and some suggest that his father’s stature and influence even help his son when faced with an investigation into the potential sex trafficking. “

Joe Negron, another former Florida Senate president, told Politico: “He was a force of nature. And Don Gaetz was in many battles – and still is today. Last year he followed up on a former lawmaker who had fired his son and was looking for a local office. “

An anonymous political actor said: “Don has a lot of power and friends in Florida politics. There are many people who owe him favors. They repay these favors by keeping silent about his son. “

You can read the entire report here

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