DNC makes South Carolina the state with the primary Democratic elementary faculty

The DNC made a hugely important and long-needed change to its main calendar, removing the almost-all-white state (the one that sets expectations and can knock half the candidates out of the running) from the calendar and moved it up one status a large black population. After all, the all-important first primary “looks like the Democratic Party.”

According to the Associated Press:

Democrats on Friday voted to remove Iowa as the leading state from the president’s nomination calendar, replacing it with South Carolina starting in 2024, a dramatic shake-up championed by President Joe Biden to better reflect the party’s deeply diverse constituency.

Joe Biden would not be president if it weren’t for the strong black turnout in South Carolina. Donald Trump would probably be President. The close election showed that Joe Biden was most likely the only Democrat who could beat Donald Trump.

The rulemaking arm of the Democratic National Committee took the step to strip Iowa of its position it has held for more than four decades after technical breakdowns wreaked havoc and marred the results of the state’s 2020 caucus.

The move also comes after a long push by some of the party’s top leaders to begin electing a president in states that are less white, especially given the importance of black voters as Democrats‘ most loyal voter base.

Without the loyalty of black voters, Democrats would win very few elections. Given that in fields with 12 candidates, maybe half of them will drop out after the first caucus or primary. In a state whose main interest is in agriculture and that damn ethanol issue that’s been so important for so long, half the candidates are out on narrow-minded democratic issues

It was time to start in a state that shared a multitude of issues important to Democrats, women’s rights, civil rights in general, taxes for the middle class or poor, student loan reform, legalization of marijuana… If we do like that far half the candidates are based on their performance in the first contest, then it should be a contest about issues that affect all Democrats, especially our core base, our most loyal base, black Americans.

This move needs to be celebrated.

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