Detective identifies Gunman as solely 15 years outdated in Pop Smoke’s homicide

TSR Updatez: More details about the tragic murder of the late Pop Smoke will be revealed during the preliminary hearing on his murder suspect’s trial.

As we previously reported, two adults and two teenage men were arrested in connection with Pop Smoke’s shooting and it is now revealed that the actual shooter was only 15 years old, reports the New York Daily News.

A Los Angeles police detective testified Friday that the teen and his alleged accomplices were after Pop Smokes diamond-studded Rolex and other jewelry when they allegedly stormed Pop’s Airbnb rental in the Hollywood Hills. The investigator testified the suspects could only get away with the watch, which they later resold for only $ 2,000.

The detective said the juvenile gunman, the youngest of the four defendants, slipped in prison allegedly admitting his role in the murder during a taped interview with a cellmate in a juvenile detention center last May.

“He admitted he shot the victim three times with a 9 (mm) Baretta,” said LAPD Det. Carlos Camacho testified Friday at a preliminary hearing for Corey Walker, 20, the only adult defendant.

“They got into an argument and he shot him three times,” Camacho said, citing the teenage’s taped prison interview. “He said he shot him in the back.”

The teenager has not been identified due to his age, but Walker has pleaded not guilty in the case, despite allegedly chatting in prison as well. Camacho claims Walker confessed his role during a separate, secretly taped prison interview with another informant in his cell.

Walker allegedly admitted the group used ski masks, gloves, and a police scanner to avoid getting caught.

“He said when people walked in, they confronted the suspect (Pop Smoke) who was naked in the shower,” Camacho testified.

During his taped conversation, Walker allegedly told the informant that the teenagers stormed the house demanding Pop Smoke’s jewelry, which he was still wearing, and, according to Camacho, even said “thank you” when it was found he was sticking to it.

But things went to the left when Pop reportedly decided to fight back and rush the suspects before being flogged with the gun and then shot in the chest.

Walker’s defense attorney Christopher Darden (yes, from the OJ trial) moved to dismiss Walker’s murder charge, arguing that Walker was just the driver that night. Darden also claimed Walker even told his accomplices not to shoot anyone.

“He is clearly not a helper or proponent of premeditated murder,” argued Darden. “He’s at most a headmaster in a robbery… He’s a driver. He is outside.”

But Williams said Walker explored the house hours earlier and knew the teens were planning to rob Pop Smoke at gunpoint to get the ice he flashed on his Instagram photos earlier that day.

“They are specifically targeting this house and want this victim to be there,” Williams said, saying Walker’s actions showed a “ruthless indifference to human life.”

Judge H. Clay Jacket II denied Darden’s motion to reduce charges, ruling that there was “sufficient reason” to bring Walker to justice. Walker is expected to return to court on June 3 for realignment.

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