Derrick Jaxn’s spouse Da’Naia Jackson talks about her resolution to stick with him as he dealt along with his earlier betrayal

In the past few days, the “relationship guru,” Derrick Jaxn has been trending on social media after it was revealed that his relationship was showing some infidelity. He originally went to his YouTube channel to check out his side of the situation on Sunday night. He reappeared in front of the camera on Monday as he continued talking about the situation. However, he returned with his wife Da’Naia Jackson after confirming that he had cheated on her.

After their online discussion, many people had a few questions for Da’Naia about their decision to stay by his side after what he’d done.

On Tuesday, Da’Naia went to her personal Instagram account to answer the many questions people had for her.

In the video, which lasted a little longer than six minutes, Da’Naia said, “I keep getting the question: Why now? Did Derrick hit you and pull you to save him? “

She continued, “Well, first let me say that only Jesus Christ can save Derrick. Only Jesus can save him, he has already done that, and now Derrick is lying in the bed he made with the measures he took. And the only person who saved him from and can save him from it is Jesus Christ. I can’t do anything, say anything to do that. His actions were his actions, unfortunately other people decided they wanted to take what they wanted and run with it. “

Da’Naia continued to deny the claims of those who said they could not recover from what had happened in their marriage. As she encouraged others, she reminded everyone that the Lord has the ability to revive anything and everyone, including their relationship.

As we have previously reported, while confirming that he has been associated with other women, Derrick elaborated and said, “I want to make it clear that I am not talking about just casually kicking it, maybe having lunch or something something like that. I’m talking about as seriously as sex, sexual flirting and dating and things like that. “

He went on to say, “It is important that I let you know that I do not stand by these acts. I don’t want to encourage anyone to do so. Second, I know that I cannot build a platform to preach certain things, preach against certain things, and then live against it in my real life. “

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