Democrats make McConnell and McCarthy pay instantly to dam the 1/6 fee

The minute Mitch McConnell successfully blocked the creation of the 1/6 Commission, the Democrats began fundraising and cracking down on the GOP.

Business Insider reported:

Almost immediately, party leaders began fundraising and cracking down on Republicans who opposed a Senate procedural vote on legislation creating the commission to investigate the pro-Trump uprising in the U.S. Capitol on Friday.


Campaign workers tasked with defending the 14 Democratic senators for re-election wasted no time hanging the failed vote around the necks of Trump’s loyal cheerleaders.

“By voting against a non-partisan, impartial review of the deadly uprising on January 6, Sens. Johnson, Rubio and the Senate Republicans sent a clear message to the electorate: They are not strong enough to stand up to Trump, and to do so.” do what’s right for us Your only goal in the Senate is to look after your own political interests, ”Jazmin Vargas, spokesman for the Senatorial Democratic Campaign Committee, told Insider.

Mitch McConnell gave the Democrats an amazing gift. McConnell reminded each vote that a vote for any of the commissioners who oppose and obstruct Republican House and Senate candidates is a vote to bring the former president back to power. A vote for these Republicans is a vote for Donald Trump.

Senator McConnell never studies.

Republicans lost the Senate majority to the protection of the former president, so the minority leader will make the same mistake again ahead of the 2022 elections. McConnell is playing on the fact that voters are stupid and have brief memories. He hopes you will forget about his betrayal of the country, but the Democrats are already working to get voters to do more than remember, but they will also make Republicans pay for their betrayal next November.

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