Decide Slams Lamar Odom In Current Court docket Listening to—“If He’s In Good Sufficient Form For A Boxing Match, He Can Pay Youngster Assist”

#Roommates, the latest update in Lamar Odom’s ongoing child support drama just took a turn that he may not be too happy about. During a recent court hearing, a Manhattan judge slammed Lamar Odom for still not paying child support—but instead choosing to participate in a celebrity box match.

@PageSix reports, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Matthew Cooper didn’t hold back regarding Lamar Odom’s continued failure to pay child support for his two children with ex-girlfriend Liza Morales. Judge Cooper called out Lamar for deciding to participate in a recent celebrity boxing match against Aaron Carter, for which he received $40,000, instead of honoring his commitments to pay all the back child support he owes.

During the virtual hearing, Judge Cooper firmly stated, “If Mr. Odom is in good enough shape to participate in a boxing match, he’s certainly in good enough shape to abide by his obligations to support his children as set forth in the settlement agreement. I was disappointed that payments ceased.” When asked by the judge regarding Lamar Odom’s current financial stability, Liza Morales said he definitely is not hurting for money. “He is definitely making income. He just got a check for that boxing match. He is doing a lot of things regarding his brand. He has a CBD company that he works with,” she said.

Responding to Liza’s claims of Lamar’s current business ventures, Judge Cooper added another stern comment about him. “I will just offer the observation that if Mr. Odom wants to have a brand that means anything, it should be one where the person behind the brand pays to support his children and doesn’t leave his children in danger of being evicted,” he said.

As we previously reported, Liza Morales, filed documents in Manhattan Supreme Court claiming that Lamar completely stopped paying child support back in June 2020—and now the landlords of her upscale Manhattan apartment are threatening to evict her and their children. Morales also stated that Lamar’s “unilateral stoppage of all support” has made her unable to pay the $5,125 monthly rent on her apartment.


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